Who is jaime camil dating

After Xiomara told him that he has a daughter, he met Jane and slowly became a part of the Villanueva family.

While Rogelio sometimes finds it difficult to find his place with the tight knit Villanuevas, he has changed their dynamic for the better, inspiring Xo to move forward with her life and dreams, though he later realises that he cannot encapsulate all of their lost time in a few meets and Rogelio tries to accept that he and Jane will get to know each other at a natural pace, whilst still feeling the pain of losing all of those years with her.

The season ends with the two on friendly terms, suddenly discovering they got drunk married in Las Vegas.

This crew is constantly showing support for one another on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.

Gina Rodriguez is particularly good at spreading the love.

When Xiomara breaks the news to Rogelio, he promptly breaks up with Xo and although he feels betrayed, Rogelio maintains a friendship with Xiomara.

Following a ratings drop, The Passions of Santos re-hired Rogelio.

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