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Violence Against Women Program and the Pro Bono Program. One goal is to prosecute domestic violence and sexual assault cases.

Through the Violence Against Women Act, a grant was established in the Department of Justice. Within the program there are two special prosecutors, a program coordinator and a program assistant. In addition, the Office hosts an annual Silent Witness ceremony to remember the DV homicide victims from the preceding year. General Information Training Information Join the Office of the Attorney General for a free, one-day training on domestic violence and sexual assault and related topics.

Separation simply means that you and your spouse no longer live together.

The Lock and Key party will be in one of Southern Star's three ballrooms.If you lock your spouse out, he or she may be able to take appropriate action to regain entry to the property.If you and your spouse are having marital problems, your lawyer can assist you in three areas.To get started on the path to better health, come visit us in person at 420-12 Hwy 72 Bypass, Greenwood, SC 29649 or call us at (864) 943-1110.Rosalie is the dog who makes everyone say, "Aww This 2-year-old, reddish brown brindle Terrier mix is an attention-getter with that one ear that points straight up to the sky, while the other flops downward toward the ground.

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