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He simply seems uninterested in pimping himself, and is more prone to dropping his awe of Hoffman or his nervousness about working with Anderson; if Phoenix ever writes a as well. I just want to be open and receptive to what's happening in the moment, and I don't want to force anything. You just , and it's so ugly, and I don't want to do that. That's another danger, to go, "Well, I've got to do something different . ." Because I want to be true to what the thing is, and if that means that it's similar to something else that you might have seen me do, then that's fine, too. I can see that from years ago, like, "You're just making a face and trying to say that you're angry right now and you're shoving that across the fucking screen." It's embarrassing. Here's a guarantee: If I'm happy about something that I've done, then it's going to be very bad. Without fail, if I ever go onto a scene and say, "I've fucking got it," then it's the worst thing in the world. Obviously, there's a lot of money put into these movies, so everyone wants to figure out how much time they're going to spend on these things and everything is very controlled. I can appreciate that ability in other people, but I don't want to be that actor. I want to go into the courtroom and feel like I might lose the case. For the first three weeks of shooting, I'm just sweating. []MITCHELL: How important is it for you to really know the character and immerse yourself in the script before you start shooting, versus finding it as you're going? If I'm going through the script and I feel like I'm starting to really discover that there's something, I move off of it.

  Joaquin Phoenix was born while his parents travelled the world as missionaries of the cult "Children of God".   He started his acting carrer in 1982 participating in a episode of the tv show "seven Brides for seven Brothers"   His filmography includes movies like Parenthood, To die for, Inventing the Abbots, Gladiator, Quills, Ladder 49, walking the Line and the most recent We own the night: among many others.

He starred opposite Nicole Kidman in the indie classic "To Die For" in 1995.

He also nabbed great roles in more mainstream movies such as 1998's "Return to Paradise." Hollywood romance!

Some relevant medical specialists believe its as result of of unilateral microform cleft. He had an older brother, River (b.1970) has an older sister, Rain (b.1972) and two younger sisters, Liberty (b.1976) and Summer (b.1978).

Here is the correct answer as given on Spike TV: "The scar between Joaquin Phoenix's lip and nose is obvious. He born into the christian group (or cult) The Children Of God and his family stayed with them…IMDB "Walk the Line" states Joaquin Phoenix was hospitalized post filming WTL due to dealing with similarities with his life and Johnny Cash's.

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