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Jupiter, the Ruler of your Sign, is moving through the 8th House in Libra – this is not quite a pleasant planetary movement for you.

You will have to work harder to achieve your goals and maintain your pace. However, get our 100% personalized Venus reenters your Sign, in retrograde mode on 4th April and becomes direct therein from 15th April. Ensure that you utilize this period to wipe off misunderstandings and resolve conflicts.

Movement of Venus around the first quarter is going to add some positivity making you feel comfortable, even during tough times.

Stay focused and you will be able to handle it all with a noticeable amount of ease.

At 85, Bejan Daruwalla is more optimistic than cynical.

In 2017, says the renowned astrologer, the world will chance upon a peace that will last six years.

They lived like this until Zina was 27 and Veronica was 24, and they expected they always would.

Then, one December day when they were cold and hungry, a woman knocked on their door.

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This is good news as Ganesha foresees some turbulence in your personal life.They could be vendors in a market in Krasnodar, one of the biggest cities in southern Russia.Or they could wash windows, as Russia has many wealthy people who insist on looking through sparkling-clean glass. True, thousands of people had left their village, Costesti, and some of them must be doing well, making money.There's obviously something Nostradamus-like about his macro forecasts, but the octogenarian, we found, was far livelier when he channelled his Linda Goodman.The first week of January is perhaps the best time to catch up with someone who likes staring into the crystal ball.

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